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Hi! My name is Marek and I write about self-care topics and existential crises that we adult humans face in our 30s and 40s. Written for do-ers who prioritize personal growth and wellness, Daily Self will help you figure shit out and cultivate an extraordinary, fulfilling life.

My perspective is unique and one you won’t find anywhere else on Substack.

As a trans man, I’ve lived two lives. The first presenting as female, and the next (which started 12 years ago) presenting as male. Being trans has given me the gift of perspective, meaning that I’ve had the unique opportunity to juxtapose the female and male experiences.

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Are you tired of self-care articles and self-help books with advice that seems unattainable, unrealistic, or absolute bullshit? Daily Self cuts through the crap and focuses on useful strategies.

Your time is incredibly valuable and I’m positive that you’re considering this newsletter because your time is getting even more valuable every single day. You’re a busy person doing important things, but you’re always looking for opportunities to learn and improve. If I’m right, then this newsletter is exactly for you.

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